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5 Myths About Virtual Events Debunked!

The conversation about virtual events is dominated by misconceptions. Unsurprisingly, many of us are hesitant to fully embrace the opportunities of virtual events, because “virtual” and “remote” are not typically what we think of when we think of events. Learn with us as we bust five popular myths about virtual events!

1. They are unsafe

Okay, yes, admittedly, virtual events come with their own set of problems regarding security. But security isn’t a new concern that is unique to only virtual events—security is a concern for all events. As long as you are aware of the special considerations for digital events, you can easily take precautions to protect your event and your guests from potential hackers and data thieves.

2. They are not really “events”

Aren’t events supposed to be social gatherings? And doesn’t “remote” inherently contradict “event”?

Whether we are hosting or attending a corporate event or a kids birthday party virtually, they are events if we make it so. They aren’t events if we don’t think of them as events and therefore don’t treat them as events, like not putting in the required effort for them, not prioritizing attendance, not being punctual to them, not RSVP-ing, and so on. By deciding that virtual events aren’t ‘real’ events, we sabotage our own fun and success. Remember that when only a virtual event is possible, we must make the best of that situation.

Sure, a virtual event is not the same thing as meeting people face to face at a big in-person event. We won’t lie and pretend that it is. In fact, we are suggesting the opposite: treat virtual events like virtual events. Make use of the various digital tools available like chat features, active participation via polls and games, breakout rooms, and more. Don’t limit yourself to just a plain live stream. Make your event an event!

3. Nobody will want to show up to your event if it’s virtual

Although there are plenty of misconceptions about virtual events, which leads people to be hesitant about the quality of virtual events they are invited to, there is a larger advantage outweighing this challenge: virtual events open you up to so many more potential guests. Even if you do lose a couple of guests because of its being virtual, you gain so many more possible guests because its remote nature opens the doors to guests anywhere in the world! When the internet is your venue’s location, you are no longer limited by geographic distance.

Take advantage of your global venue! Invite people from anywhere in the world and treat your event to a more diverse network of attendees and participants. The diversity that virtual events offer is invaluable because it makes your event memorable for people who have the opportunity to ‘meet’ others they otherwise would never have the chance to.

4. Planning virtual events is complicated

Virtual event planning is no more complicated than in-person event planning. But it is different. There are different tools, limitations, concerns, advantages, and challenges that the virtual space brings.

Putting together a fantastic virtual event may seem complicated if you’ve never done it before, but with a detailed, specialized strategy, it is oh so possible!

Interested in learning more about virtual event planning? We’re experts! Chat with us today: email or call (780) 938-4029.

5. Guests feel isolated at virtual events

Likely the biggest challenge with virtual events is the guests’ distance from other attendees and participants, not being able to physically connect with people.

The simple truth is that face-to-face connection is irreplaceable. No virtual connection can ever wholly create the experience that face-to-face interaction does, but if you anticipate this challenge by planning creative ways to interact virtually during your event, you can make your guests feel connected, present, important, and together. Some options for virtual connection include active guest participation via a live chat, polls, Q&A portions, games, and breakout rooms. Make use of these tools!

And there you have it: five myths about virtual events debunked. Ultimately, like most things in life, virtual events are what we make of them. Instead of focussing on the in-person advantages that we miss out on virtually, we choose to take full advantage of the new possibilities that remote events bring us. What about you?


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