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6 New Event Possibilities Post-Covid-19!

Recently, in a session with my business advisor and strategist, we were discussing what the future looks like and she challenged me to look at the “possibilities” right now as opposed to the options. There was something about this subtle word difference that struck me in a major way. Possibility, the power of what is possible, the optimism in this word, the opportunity, the ways we can dream….as opposed to what we are stuck with.

Possibilities has me dreaming! Below I share 6 ways that possibilities are shining through in the future of events. The list is by no means exhaustive, yet only the beginning. Let’s start dreaming and creating possibilities together in all industries!

1. Geographic Location + Audience Reach

In a previous blog post I talked about hybrid events being the movement of the future, quick summary is I see events being a combination of in-person and virtual. The possibility here really is HUGE! We are no longer limited by geographic location, imagine the reach and audience you can have at events if you are not bound by a location. Location could be as simple as the venue in the city and people not wanting to travel to that area, or as vast as difference cities, provinces, states, countries, continents! Imagine the possibility of how you can grow your audience for your events! This one gives me butterflies!

2. Cost Accessibility

Regardless if you do a hybrid event, or strictly virtual, let’s talk about the possibilities with cost accessibility. A virtual event can allow us to reach people at a different price point. If it is strictly online you are removing the cost of venue and likely food, so what if offering the online version at a lower price point allows you the possibility of reaching different markets of people based on their budget.

3. Audience Needs

Moving forward we can really lean into the possibilities of reaching a variety of audiences in that we can provide them an experience that truly meets their needs. Think about this. You are an introvert, the idea of walking into an event and having to make small talk makes you cringe, you really just want to hear the speaker, or take in the content, and then get back to some quiet time at home. What if you can now provide that experience for the group that craves that and still provide connection for those who want the experience in person? Now there’s a possibility!

4. Creativity

This new world allows us endless possibilities in being creative. Think outside the box with each event, challenge yourself! How can you dream within this new world to still create a unique and memorable experience for your guests? You get to look at touchpoints and interactions in a whole new way!

5. Gift of Time

Consider using this in your event marketing, with a virtual option there is the possibility of time! What do I mean by this? You are saving people travel time, it could actually be multiple hours, especially for those who don’t want to take part in the networking portion of events. They can “arrive” when the formal program starts, take in the program, and then sign off. Now, please know that I am a huge proponent of connecting in person, meeting new people, and learning, but for those who aren’t comfortable with in person, or who have serious time constraints there is so much possibility in maintaining this option to allow them ease of access to your event.


The biggest possibility is the space to dream! Dream big, be creative, and instead of thinking of constraints being put on you, I encourage you to think of the possibilities.

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” ~ Margaret Drabble


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