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Bee Together started out to answer the following question: 

How can the joy of event planning be combined with a passion for giving back? 


We were founded in 2017 and began to create amazing events for organizations who share our affection for giving back. We included our own give-back arm called Elevate shortly after our inception, which hosted a series of philanthropic speaking events seeing 100% of the proceeds donated to charitable organizations or causes. 


We added Purpose and Engagement services in 2020 because we realized that a part of community connection is helping organizations lead with gratitude and generosity by assisting them in finding charitable partners to further their own giveback strategies and therefore aid in employee retention and satisfaction. We now offer an initiative we appropriately named Giving Back as a part of P&E to put our beliefs about giving back into action. Our most recent leap was adding event rental basics to our list of offerings so that we can furnish events at The Creative Hive, our home base, and to our clients beyond The Hive as well. 


We are a small team with a big passion for serving our community. Our mission is to celebrate togetherness and we do so with each event we design and Purpose and Engagement strategy we create. We started Bee Together to inject meaning into our work. Since then, we have cultivated an inspiring community of folks who share in our vision and celebrate our mission. We know that because of the community around us, we are succeeding in what we set out to do and we can’t wait to see where the next chapter of our story takes us.

Jocelyn & Rebecca
The founders of the event management business

Bee Together exists to help heart-centred organizations build community and long lasting relationships through impactful events and meaningful giveback opportunities.


Our vision is to see communities thrive together through meaningful connection.



IMPACTFUL EXPERIENCES  |  We believe in creating ripples one moment, one experience at a time.


PURPOSE & PASSION  |  We believe in passionately connecting experiences and relationships to a greater purpose. 


RESPECT & MINDFULNESS  |  We believe in honouring others’ beliefs, practices, and values and are mindful of how our actions impact others.


COMMUNITY & CONNECTION  |  We believe in honouring the richness that comes with togetherness and the power of connection with our clients, their cause, and their community.


EXCELLENCE  |  We are committed to delivering the highest level of integrity, professionalism and value to our clients.


IMPACT | We are committed to evoking positive change by acting with intention and purpose.




Ok, why is the question of what I do and why I love it so darn hard?! I think it’s because of the variety that each day and each project brings me and that I am blessed to have a business that I love and to work alongside a team of women who inspire me daily. But that’s maybe just an easy out! My primary focus is events and every detail that comes along with them. I love details, I love bringing calm to the chaos, I love seeing the joy in our client’s eyes when we bring their vision to life, and I love creating connections. Outside of work, I love spending time with my family (including my husband of 18 years, my 16 year old son, and my two sweet yorkies!), I am committed to creating a space where we can have hard conversations, together, especially in the area of human trafficking. I love coffee, I have a wicked sweet tooth, and surrounding myself with people who fill my cup is how I love to spend my time.

Jocelyn is the founder of the virtual effect
Rebecca is responsible for community engagement



Hello, hey, hi! I’m Rebecca and I’m the Co-Founder of Bee Together. My niche lies within working on our Event Décor & Design as well as Purpose & Engagement projects. It truly lights me up when our clients trust our creative vision, and we can come up with original ideas that haven’t been done in this space before! I’m passionate about making an impact and love how my work allows me to do this in tandem with our clients. Not to mention, I work with the most incredible & talented women. My number one loves are my husband and daughter and you can usually find us sneaking away on little trips each chance we get. Coffee, music, fashion, food & wine are tied for a second.


Administrative & Communications Coordinator

Hey, I’m Emma! I support Bee Together with tons of different tasks, but some of my favourite things to do include writing, editing, graphic design, administration, and event set up. I love what I do because I have the support of an amazing team who are inspiring, encouraging, and happy to help me show up as my best self daily. I’m a big believer in self-growth and I am an advocate for various human and animal rights issues. When I’m not buzzing around with work, you can find me spending quality time with my husband and my dog, walking in the river valley, watching a good crime documentary, or reading a thrilling book.

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