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With events come a million different details!  Don’t believe us? You should see our checklists!


Okay, while a million might be a bit of an exaggeration, the reality is that there are so many details, moving parts, people to manage, logistics to be on top of, contingency plans to be thought out, and on-the-spot troubleshooting that happens. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry - this is our jam! We love the details, we love the moving parts, and we love organizing the chaos. It’s what we do and it’s why we’re here. When our clients can feel like a guest at their own event and enjoy every minute of the experience, we know that we’ve achieved our purpose.

Event planning process and management
Fundraising and corporate philanthropy

The Process

Discovery | We’ll set up a time for a Discovery Call where we can learn more about you and your creative vision for the event, including size, scale, purpose, and support needed.  

Needs Assessment | From the Discovery Call, we will assess your needs and put together a proposal for your review.  


Kick-Off Meeting | Once our partnership is confirmed, we will kick things off. We will establish your goals, expectations, and necessities so that we can begin converting your dream into a reality.  


High-Level Planning | Once you’ve reviewed and approved the event concept and budget we start the high level planning including venues, caterers, decor, how ticket sales will work, communications schedules, and more.


Logistics Planning | Remember those million little details we mentioned above?  This is where they kick into high gear.  


Updates | Throughout the process we will keep you in the loop, up to date, and included, all at the level that you want.


Event Day | It’s go time! We will make sure everything comes together and is executed seamlessly so that you can enjoy your event as a guest.

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Working with Bee Together means working with a team who is invested in you. We want to understand the heart of your organization so that we can create an event that seamlessly connects your guests to your reason for being, helping to build long lasting relationships.


During the event planning process, we pride ourselves on representing your brand, charity, cause, or organization in a way that feels as though we are an extension of your team—your partner—not just someone you hire.


  • Full service event planning and management

  • In-person events

  • Virtual events

  • Hybrid events

  • Day of event management

Edmonton event planning and event management
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