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How to Incorporate Creative Branding in Virtual Events

So, obviously, virtual events work a little differently than in-person events. A lot of business owners wonder if virtual events are even worth the effort because they don’t know how to emphasize their branding in a digital-only space. As experts in branding, we at Bee Together are sharing today a few ideas for how to incorporate creative branding into your virtual events.

Firstly, personalize everything.

Personalizing event materials to fit your branding is even more essential for virtual events because there is no physical venue to create a brand-immersive atmosphere in. Some examples of things you can personalize to create a specially branded experience for your guests include invitations (mailed and/or emailed), flyers, social media posts leading up to the event, and email marketing through newsletters. Make a conscious effort to weave your custom branding into any and all of the materials you send out and post for your event.

Second, bring the party to them!

A great way to make a virtual guest feel like they are truly experiencing an event when they are still at home is to deliver things to them. This meaning food and snacks, gift bags, wine, branded merch like t-shirts, materials for an activity, or anything else that could enhance the experience of your unique event! It might seem extra or superfluous, but adding a physical element to a virtual event can really bring it to life for your guests.

During the event itself, host interactive activities.

Just because the event is virtual doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun participating in an activity together! There are so many different ways to interact together in a digital venue, but here are a few ideas: hosting online games that allow participants to play together live, taking polls, encouraging live chat comments and questions throughout, using breakout rooms, watching a movie or videos together, and more. Don’t limit yourself to a plain old Zoom call that only speaks to your guests—allow your event to also speak with your guests.

Lastly, decorate your physical space, if applicable.

This will depend on the kind of event you are hosting, but whatever physical space you have, brand it! If you are holding a live stream from a physical venue, great! Make sure to brand that space. But even if you are hosting a more lowkey, panel-style event with every participant at home, if you (and thus the background behind you) are on camera, you have the opportunity to make your branding shine through by decorating the space around you with brand colours and materials.

Our advice? Don’t be shy to incorporate creative branding into virtual events! If you’re still unsure and want a partner to help you smooth out the planning of this sure-to-be fabulous virtual experience, reach out!

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