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The Event Planning Process: What It Looks Like to Work With Us

People often ask us what it is like to plan client events. We understand the curiosity since event planning is a creative, fun, yet rigorous process! We are truly passionate about what we do, and we love sharing the process with our clients. As such, we want to give you a glimpse at what it is like to work with us. What is the process from the start to the finish line? How do we include our clients in the planning process? What are our values, goals, and strengths?

This event planning timeline simplifies my seven essential steps to help you create the event of your dreams:

1. Your Creative Vision

Bee Together event planning starts when you contact us and we set up our first meeting call, or as I like to call it, our Discovery Call! I will be super excited to get to know you and your creative vision for your event. This means size, scale, purpose, and how we can best support you to curate a personalized experience. Right from the jump, we want to listen carefully to you and your brand, so that we can share in this creative vision that you have.

2. Needs Assessment

From your creative vision, we will assess your event needs and put together a proposal for your review. This proposal will easily outline for you how we will bring your vision to life, seamlessly and stress-free. This allows you to determine if Bee Together is right for you. If you’re feeling good about things, we proceed to administration like contracts and deposits.

3. Kick-Off Meeting

Now that our partnership is confirmed, we have our Kick-Off Meeting. This is exactly what it sounds like: we kick things off! We nail down your goals, expectations, and necessities for the event so that we can begin converting your dream into reality. Our role in this meeting is to listen to you, get excited with you, and help us both to narrow in on the essence of your event to build out a beautiful vision.

4. High-Level Planning

After you have approved the event concept and budget, we start our high-level planning. We research venues, caterers, rentals, decor, graphics, and licenses and permits. We plan how ticket sales will work, how we will manage the guest list, and tackle communications and schedules.

5. Logistics Planning

After high-level planning comes logistics planning. This means management of all the little bits and pieces, the details, the gears turning, that make up this comprehensive project, including vendors, speakers, entertainment, and photography.

6. Frequent Check-Ins with You

Throughout high-level and logistics planning, we will have frequent check-ins with you. We want you to sign off on pieces along the way, and we want to meet with you to discuss details like sponsorships and fundraising plans. We are all about connecting with my clients, building meaningful relationships, and truly understanding what you want, need, and didn’t know you need! Communication is so important to us because we're dedicated to your interests and your organization. When we plan an event with you, we consider ourselves a representative of your business, meaning that we want to nail every detail and make your brand shine through this event.

7. Your Vision Comes to Life!

Finally, it’s go-time! The day of your event, we are making sure that everything comes together seamlessly, so that you can experience your event as a guest. Our goal is to make this event stress-free for you, while we’re working behind the scenes to follow through on all the details and anticipate any mishaps before they happen. We love seeing your creative vision come to life, and we hope you do too!

So that’s it, from a high-level overview you have some insight on what it would look like to take on an event with us! If you have any questions please feel free to connect with us, I’d love to chat!


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