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Our "New Normal": 4 Future Event Trends

After the disruption to events due to the pandemic, you may be wondering, “Where is the future of events headed?” It’s been on our minds too! Today we’ve compiled four things that will likely be future event trends post-pandemic.

Without further ado...

1. Less people and/or more space in venues

All this social distancing has made some of us warier about having close physical contact with other people even after the pandemic is over. In fact, a survey found that most professionals who attend events frequently will attend smaller events of under 50 people, and they also feel they wouldn’t be comfortable attending large in-person events until at least late 2021. As our events, stores, restaurants, and other public spaces have made efforts to keep people at a greater distance from one another, we think that this trend will continue into post-COVID events. Fewer people invited to an event or hosting events in larger venues has become normal now, and this could easily remain our normal!

2. Hybrid events

The pandemic has also made us realize just how advantageous hybrid events can be: they are flexible for different people’s needs, allowing individuals to have the event experience they want. Having the option available to attend virtually is a game-changer for when guests live far away, fall sick the day-of, or are just wanting to attend at home rather than going out. Event professionals have adapted to the woes of virtual events and the technological processes required, so making events also available online isn’t much of an inconvenience, but rather an embellishment to the experience offered to guests! As such, event professionals believe that most events in the future will be hybrid.

3. More virtual events

Similarly, the virtual events era of the pandemic has opened up a world of possibilities for more virtual events in the future. Though we all certainly miss social contact, virtual events are an accessible and international approach that makes it possible to have guests from anywhere in the world and welcome guests who cannot attend events in-person for individual accessibility reasons. It is expected that the virtual events market will grow 20-25% per annum. We can’t deny just how digital our world has become, so it only makes sense that events would go digital too!

4. Outside events

As fewer people and more space in venues continue to become more normal, we think outside events will become more attractive too! The advantages of an open-air space with less contact and closeness between guests appeals to many of us even more after the pandemic, and the fact that the pandemic has encouraged more events to take place outdoors because of a much lower transmission risk also means that we have adapted to this lifestyle and will be more likely to consider outdoor events in the future.

Those were our four future event trends that we foresee. But where do you think events are headed in the future? To chat with us about events, don’t hesitate to email Jocelyn at


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