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Should this Event be Virtual or In-Person? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Two and half years ago, virtual events weren’t really something that happened. If they did, they were more of a lead magnet, a free experience to get someone to sign up for something bigger and with a price tag. Throughout the pandemic everyone had to get creative; we had to get creative in staying connected to friends and family as well as in our professional lives. How were we going to connect with clients, meet new people, teach, share, connect, raise money, and raise awareness? Virtually, that’s how. Now as we return to having choices when it comes to events it is a time to ask yourself, should this event be virtual, should it be hybrid, or should it be in-person. It’s a big decision, each one with pros and cons. Below are 3 questions to ask yourself as you go through the decision making process.

1. Where do I want guests to join from?

One thing that the last two years have taught us is that geography is becoming less important and as a business, influencer, educator, or anyone trying to get their message out, your message can be global if you want it to be. When you are deciding the best format for your event (virtual, hybrid, or in-person) ask yourself where your audience is and what their needs are. Are they all local? Do they love to be in-person? Are they from across the country or the globe? Are they busy humans that would prefer the ease of joining the event from home or the office? Poll your audience, engage them and find out what they want!

2. What is the goal and format of the event?

In making the decision about how to host your event go back to your goal(s) for the event. Do your goals include connection and face to face time, does that help elevate the event experience? Do you want to reach as many people as possible? Are you trying to get mass exposure as opposed to a more intimate experience? Is it a group of regular attendees or are you trying to reach new people? These are all questions to consider. Another thing to consider is the format, is this an educational conference, is it strictly presentations, is it interactive, what is the length, where are your speakers coming from? What will provide the best user experience for your audience?

3. Am I considering either virtual or in-person because it’s what I’ve always done?

You know that status quo? That comfort zone? That “rinse and repeat” mentality? Sometimes that makes sense, but we encourage you to step back and ask yourself if you are defaulting to a certain style of an event because that is what you have always done. You know what to expect, you know how to make it happen, and it works, so why change it? While that is tempting, why not journey down a path of what if or what about and see where it takes you and your team, you just might dream up an experience that takes everything to the next level.

We hope these questions helped you gain some clarity or at least got you thinking about what really makes sense for you, your business, and your audience. If you have more questions, book a discovery call with us and let’s work through it together!


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