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Eco-Events: 6 Ideas for your Eco-Friendly Event

As event planners and people who care about our earth, we want to be as sustainable as possible both in our daily lives and when planning and executing events. Between dishware, utensils, decor, and energy use, we know that events can really pack a punch to your ecological footprint and that’s something you might want to avoid. Here are 6 things to consider for a more eco-friendly event!

1. Use real dishes and cutlery. You can repurpose from the thrift store, use your venue’s dishware, or rent! If real dishware is not an option, try bamboo dishware and cutlery and have a compost area set up if possible. You can find some great bamboo options here. We love hitting up our local Goodwill for unique pieces that we can reuse over and over!

2. Source food from local food vendors who choose seasonal and sustainable food options for their menu. Check out Rge Rd as they source their ingredients according to best practices and sustainability!

3. Source eco-friendly linens. Avoid plastic tablecloths and single use napkins if possible and look for a material that is eco-friendly or that can be reused. Did you know that linen itself is one of the more eco-friendly fabrics out there? Check out some eco-friendly options here!

4. Select decor that compliments your event without costing the environment. Avoid things like Glitter and balloons and instead choose items that are long lasting or that can be reused! Get some inspo here.

5. Thank your attendees with eco-friendly cards! Seed paper is a great option and it is beautiful! Check out Etsy for some inspiration or to order seed paper for your events. Don’t forget to check out the local paper shops too! The closer the better - less fuel to get your items to you!

6. Choose a venue with natural lighting or host your event outside! Check out The Secret Garden at Brew and Bloom for a beautiful indoor option with natural lighting for all seasons, or check out The Backyard, a beautiful outdoor venue if your event is in the spring or summer!

We try to make sustainable choices in our event planning journeys, but we’re human and therefore imperfect. Sometimes an event may require an advanced lighting system using up more electricity, food from a non-seasonal vendor, or decor that can’t really be used again - and that’s okay! Maybe you go with real dishware and seed paper thank you letters alongside the less eco-friendly stuff. It’s important to note that even a small step toward sustainability is still a step in the right direction.

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero-waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” - Anne Marie Bonneau


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