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3 Things Most People Forget When Planning an Event

When you picture planning events do you envision clipboards, headsets, directing people where to go, and fluffing some throw pillows? There is definitely the more “glamorous” side of planning, and trust me, my clipboard goes with me everywhere, but there are also the less than glam pieces, i.e. hauling around heavy boxes, emptying garbage, and the important pieces that keep you in compliance. So with that being said, let’s dive into 3 common oversights when planning an event:

1. Licenses & Permits

There are many types of licenses and permits that need to be considered when planning an event. The most common license is a liquor license. The information and rules around these licenses vary by province and event type, but if you are serving alcohol at your event and you are not in a licensed facility (most common are restaurants, hotels, and convention centres), you will need a liquor license. Some are quite quick and easy, others require 6 weeks plus, so definitely make sure you are looking into this as early as possible. If you are hosting outdoor events you may require a permit (or multiple) from your town or city including parkland permits and development permits, so again, make sure you look to this early on and start gathering the information you need ahead of time.

2. Insurance

As the event host, you will want to make sure that you have coverage in place. The majority of venues will need proof of insurance from you, usually around the 2 million dollar liability range and you may also require special event insurance. It’s definitely worth a call to your insurance company to discuss in advance and make sure that you are covered if anything should happen at your event (injury, damage, illness, etc). If you want to learn more about why you should consider purchasing event liability insurance, check out this article by

3. Garbages

Depending on the venue, these are most likely already there and in place, but it’s always good to check, especially if the space you are hosting in isn’t normally an event space (think office spaces that will likely only have small garbage bins) or if you are hosting outdoors. In the years we’ve been planning and executing events we have noticed that most people will clean up after themselves if the proper tools are in place, i.e. garbage bins and recycle bins. If these are not readily available or if they are overflowing, you can expect to find garbage discarded everywhere or left in communal areas where people would normally mingle (tables, counters) and that just ends up being gross and a deterrent for people to stand in those areas. Always check that there is sufficient garbage and recycle cans available and that you have extra bags to swap out when things fill up! It’s an easy detail that makes a big difference.

We hope that these three insights help you out with your next event! If you’re looking for support with your upcoming event, please reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you!


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