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3 Fun Ideas for your 2023 Holiday Party!

Not to freak you out in September or anything, but if you’re hoping to have a swanky holiday party this December, now is a great time to get the ball rolling! Holiday party season is just three months away and that’s a short timeline in our world. We want to set you up for success so we’re going to kick the planning off by giving you three fun ideas that you could incorporate into your 2023 holiday party!

  • Cocktail party with a twist: If you’re hosting a holiday party or fundraiser, try aerial bartending to spice things up! This is your chance to stand out by incorporating this fun and visually stunning experience for your guests. Think of the aerial bartenders as sugarplum fairies, pouring a cup of holiday joy.

  • Unique Venue: Ambience is such an important part of your holiday party. When we think of the holidays, we think of soft lighting, themed decor, and music to set the mood. You could book an incredible venue like Glow Gardens or Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm to celebrate the warmth of the holiday season.

  • Gift wrap relay for charity: If you’re going to be hosting a gala fundraiser for a children’s organization this holiday season, consider collecting various toys and games and having a gift-wrap relay during your event! Teams could enter the relay for a certain dollar amount and the winners could have the chance to deliver the gifts to the charity themselves.

Hopefully these ideas get you in the holiday spirit and generate excitement for the merry season ahead. Happy planning!!


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