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5 “Wow” Moments To Elevate Your Next Event

You’ve got to know by now that events aren't just about gathering—they’re also about creating moments that stick with folks long after the lights go down. Behind every memorable event is at least one of those "wow” moments that makes the whole experience stand out. You can create these in big or small ways, but making the effort to curate these memorable experiences is a great way to ensure your event stands out from the rest. Join us as we take a stroll through some seriously cool elements we've added to past events, each one bringing the kind of surprise, excitement, and joy that you probably wouldn’t find at your average get-together! 

Aerial Bartenders:

  • What says “wow” more than acrobatic experts suspended from the ceiling, skillfully pouring and serving drinks? Including aerial bartenders for the right event adds a touch of sophistication and entertainment to an event that guests are guaranteed not to forget. We brought in aerial bartenders for the University Hospital Foundation's 2022 Festival of Trees Soiree and as you can imagine, it was a huge hit. The Aerial Bartenders made for such a special experience (and a great photo op!) for attendees. 

Event at a Luxury Car Dealership:

  • What better way to create a luxurious ambiance than hosting an event at a high-end car dealership? The sleek lines of luxury vehicles provide an elegant backdrop, setting the stage for a unique experience. Last year, we were lucky enough to work on an event at Sherwood Motorcars and it was incredible. With so many gorgeous cars around, you already know the vibes were immaculate 🤌🏼

Gourmet Coffee Station:

  • In 2023, we brought in Gratitude Coffee to the University of Alberta’s Pediatric Research Day to provide an all-day-long gourmet coffee experience for guests. As you can probably imagine, it was a giant success. And really, what goes better together than coffee and students? This is a simple inclusion is the perfect addition for tons of different events.

Jewelry Wall:

  • Sparkling and exquisite, the introduction of a jewelry wall is an immersive experience for event attendees to explore and indulge in. Last spring, we added a Jewelry Wall from Paris Jewellers to The Today Centre’s Illuminating Hope Garden Cocktail Party for folks to bid on. The unique thing with including a jewelry wall at an event is that while it’s fun and alluring for the guests, it also serves as decor too! Overall, it's a great addition to an event and a fun alternative to traditional fundraising. 

Digital Photobooth:

  • You got dressed up and you’re out of the house - of course you want to take a picture! Embracing the modern age, we’ve had a few events now that feature digital photo booths equipped with seamless digital integration where guests can capture a photo and have it sent straight to their phone. The Alberta Women Entrepreneur’s (AWE) 2023 Awards Gala had one of these! A photo booth is such a fun way for guests to take as many photos as they’d like without feeling like they’re hogging the photographer. Thanks to Mystica Entertainment, AWE was able to capture these super fun memories for all the incredible women and entrepreneurs at the awards gala. 

Thinking back on those "wow" moments really amps us up for what's possible in the future. We're stoked to share more moments from this 2024 with you all (hint: we've got some BIG things in store). Ultimately, "wow" moments bring people together - sparking excited chats, epic photo ops, and enthusiastic cheers over a great cup of coffee. What's not to love?


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