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In addition to supporting other businesses with their Purpose & Engagement initiatives, we believe it essential that our business gives back in a meaningful way. This is where Elevate comes in. Elevate by Bee Together is how our team shows up to put Purpose and Engagement in action. With Elevate we are able to channel our passion for community, education, and impact through intentional events and awareness initiatives in which 100% of our proceeds are donated to a charity or cause. The Elevate community has grown and evolved over the years but remains an integral part of how we stay aligned with our values.

2023 Event Schedule

No events yet.
Check back soon!

SAFE Community

We are committed to ensuring that everyone who connects with Elevate has a good experience, that they perceive and internalize the values of the community, and that they feel respected, comfortable, and SAFE. We know this will be a constantly evolving journey, but we are committed to achieving this goal.

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We are committed to actively working to create a space where everyone feels empowered, comfortable, and able to share. At Elevate we want you to know that you can share your story, opinion, experience, and share your voice. To create this space we encourage respectful dialogue on our social media and at our events. We lead by example. We share and then we listen to what others have to say, we ask questions of others, and we facilitate conversations where everyone has the opportunity to be heard.

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We will influence social change and inspire action by opening the hearts and minds of others.


We strive to create a safe space for people to elevate their knowledge, awareness, and understanding of social causes.


We exist to connect humans and to create a ripple of action to positively impact the world.



LEADERSHIP | We believe in leading with compassion, passion, and by setting a positive example. 

SAFETY | We believe in the value of creating a space to learn and grow without judgment; a place to elevate understanding.

COMMUNITY | We believe in honouring the richness that comes with togetherness and authentic conversation. 

PHILANTHROPY | We believe in giving back financially and through awareness-building, and by elevating the voices of those who need a platform.

KNOWLEDGE | We believe in the importance of exploring different perspectives, sharing experience and deepening our connections by learning from one another.  


IMPACT | We are committed to evoking positive change by acting with intention and purpose.

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