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3 Fears Holding you Back from Giving

If we were to ask you, “Does the idea of giving back scare you?”, the most common and immediate response, is absolutely not! I want to give, I want to help, I want to make a difference. And all of this is true, we don’t doubt that at all, but what we see with many people is that when it actually comes time to make the donation (whether of time, money, skill, or other), this is when some doubt or fear kicks in and slows down the giving process and sometimes even halts it all together. Good intention only takes a person so far, without action, the intention is meaningless, that may sound harsh but it’s true. So let’s talk through some of the thoughts that may be holding you back and let’s get you on the path to action in making a difference!

Fear #1 I don’t have enough to give

When it comes to giving back you have to start somewhere and while you may feel that your donation amount is too small, it will truly have an impact on the organization you are donating to. People often think of the grandiose gestures and donations, which make them question their smaller donation, but every amount helps, really! Check this out:

Some examples of “small gives” that make a big impact?

  • $35 to ACT Alberta provides a week’s worth of food and essential items to survivors of human trafficking

  • $50 to Zebra Child Protection Centre provides a backpack filled with the comforts of home to a child waiting to be placed in safe care

  • $64 to Bissell Centre provides up to 20 full meals to people experiencing poverty in the Edmonton area

Another way to think about it is that starting, even small, is building the habit of giving. I once listened to an interview, I think it was with Oprah Winfrey, and she posed the question “if you can’t (or don’t) donate $10 when you have it what makes you think you’ll donate $100 when you have it? Build the habit and just start. The giving process also helps you to begin building the relationship with your charity of choice which is also a very important part of what you are doing. The more you know about the organization you are donating to, the more you can share with others and help increase the awareness of the work they are doing.

Fear #2 So many people need help, I don’t know who to give to

It’s true there are so many causes and organizations that need help, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Bee Together has a cause matching process that will guide you through selecting a cause that is in alignment with you, your team, and your business. It is important to pick a cause that you truly resonate with, this is the foundation of a lasting impactful relationship.

In addition to finding an organization or cause whose work really resonates with you, it’s also important to understand their values and how they do their work to make sure that it aligns with you as well. For example, if you were to support an organization that works with folks with addiction, what is your stance on safe consumption sites? Does this match what the organization you are considering supporting believes? It is crucial that there is alignment on foundational levels of the relationship.

We love working with businesses and going through a discovery process in which we uncover what really matters to you, doing the research and then presenting you with options and recommendations so that you can move forward with confidence, excitement and true connection to the organization you’ll be supporting.

Fear #3 It’s a lot of work and I don’t have the time or resources to do this right

This is a common feeling. You want to do good, to have an impact and to give back but you are already so busy, how do you make this happen? And how do you do it right? Bee Together has a team of philanthropic guides to make the process smooth, impactful and meaningful for everyone involved. We build out a strategy so that you can feel assured that there will be an impact from the work you are doing and the resources you are donating throughout the year as opposed to just a cheque written at the end of the year because you realize it’s December and nothing has been done yet.

We also work hard to ensure that your resources are being invested in a way that encourages engagement from both your team and the charity receiving them. The engagement goes a long way in building a strong relationship and helping you feel invested in the work that is being done. We love coming up with unique activations that are memorable AND impactful!

If you are looking to expand your purpose, connect with us, let’s chat! It’s one of our favourite things to discuss, so let’s have a coffee.


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