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Everything You Need to Know About Impact Campaigns

Fun fact: Bee Together is not just an events company. We are also aficionados of Purpose and Engagement! Our work in P&E is all about connecting people with impactful missions and results. This includes our Impact Campaigns. But what do we mean when we say “Impact Campaign”? Well, in this blog, we’ve compiled an efficient guide of information related to Impact Campaigns, so that you can better understand what it is that we do and how our expertise could align with your business goals to make magic happen!

What is an Impact Campaign?

An Impact Campaign is what happens when we work with you as your partner to create impactful business initiatives. As a team, we organize a strategy that will connect your brand with a philanthropic mission and layout how exactly your business will achieve your charitable goals.

One of the things we are best at is matching you and your brand’s values with a cause that truly matters. We ensure that your corporate social responsibility aligns with you personally and professionally, benefits your overarching business goals, and just makes sense!

What does an Impact Campaign look like?

Off the bat, an Impact Campaign looks like us having a meeting of minds: we discuss your goals, passions, and branding, so that we can build a map guiding you to your desired philanthropic destination—whatever cause you care about most and however much time, effort, and money you can invest into your Purpose and Engagement.

Your impact vision may be brought to life through a number of ways: fundraisers, events, product sales, raising awareness, a portion of sales donated back, acts of service, in-kind donations… should we go on? Basically, there are a lot of ways to approach an Impact Campaign, hence why we call it a campaign!

Your Impact Campaign will also include connecting you to charities and non-profit organizations, allowing you to build purposeful partnerships, long-term relationships that are meaningful and mutually beneficial, and the kind of teamwork that will genuinely fulfill you!

An Impact Campaign in a nutshell: we help you sort out the whats, whos, whys, and hows of your corporate social responsibility so that you can make a lasting impact for your community.

Why would I invest in an Impact Campaign?

So, okay, we get it! As a business owner, you’re probably already super busy, and you might be overwhelmed with your various tasks pulling you in different directions constantly, but hear us out: impact helps you in all aspects of owning a business. It is not only personally fulfilling to manage a strategic, systematic way of giving back through your brand, but it is also financially fulfilling for your business ventures.

Don’t believe us? Listen to this:

  • 81% of millennials say they want brands to be good corporate citizens in giving back to causes that matter.

  • 90% of consumers today want to know how the companies they might purchase from are supporting the community and the world with philanthropic impact.

  • 85% of consumers today consider companies that give back much more positively than companies who don’t.

  • Shoppers under the age of 40 prefer to support causes that they care about through their spending habits.

Yes, the rumours are true: giving back gives back—to you and your business!

An Impact Campaign connects you with the heart of your business to create not only impact but community, memories, and relationships.

If you’re in need of a partner that will help you build your impact strategy stress-free, reach out to us by emailing


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