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Impact Events

Elevate Impact Events

September was my inaugural “impact” event in Edmonton and it was a night to remember. I say that with total humility. There was powerful, real, and meaningful discussion brought to us by a panelist of passionate women. If you follow me on social media you know I love connection, story, and deep conversation; so this evening was one that I had to reflect on to truly process.

So what is an impact event?

Impact events are my initiative and commitment to our community to bring you purposeful discussion on important topics, wrapped in a beautiful evening out. I sincerely believe that when people know better they do better and it is with that belief that my commitment to impact events began. We all know that knowledge is power, so what better way to educate ourselves than in a safe space surrounded by inspiring people and topic authorities.

The Experience

I promise you it will be a night to remember.

On September 13th, 2018 I hosted Elevate: A Pursuit of Fair Fashion, we were joined by an incredible panel of local passionistas in the Edmonton fashion scene including Lorna Mutegyeki of Msichana, Esther Hempel of Duval, Claire Theaker-Brown of Unbelts, and Janis Galloway of Publicity Room. The panel was moderated by the very talented Andrea Beça of Andrea Beça Work. The event was hosted at ATB Branch for Arts & Culture and the CKUA Performance Space; for those of you who have not visited this branch, it is a must. They feature local artists work and it is the most un-bank like experience; the space was completely perfect for the event. The evening began with a room filled with jazz music, a marketplace featuring the products of our panelist’s companies, food and a pink rosé reception. The room was filled with conversation, laughter, shopping and connection. We then moved into the CKUA Performance Space and were lead through a powerful discussion amongst panelists about the fashion industry and our power as consumers to make a difference. When the panel wrapped up the discussion continued and guest left with new found knowledge. The power of this knowledge is also in the ripple effect of guests sharing with their networks. Step by step, conversation by conversation, we can make a difference, and an impact on some very important issues.


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