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5 Ways Bee Together Can Help Your Business with Purpose & Engagement

Purpose & Engagement is a division of our business where we work with businesses to help them to lead with gratitude and generosity. We help them develop intentional strategies to give back to a cause or organization that aligns with their business, as well as create strategies for them to engage with their teams, clients, vendors, and beyond. We use our experience and expertise to bridge purposeful partnerships between businesses and what matters most. This can look like an annual giveback strategy, an impact campaign, team building, employee and client gifting and experiences.

Now let’s get specific, how can Bee Together help YOUR business with purpose & engagement? Below we outline 5 ways we can support you with your initiatives.

1. Finding the RIGHT partner

It is important to pick a charitable partner that you align with, a cause that matters. This greatly increases the power of story so you can speak, from the heart and in a very authentic way, as to why you have chosen your charity of choice. It is also important to make sure that your values align, this is a more complex and nuanced area that is important to understand. We take a deep dive with our clients to come up with options that align with you and we help to build and manage this relationship.

2. Brainstorm engagement opportunities

There are many ways to engage as a business; with your employees, your clients, your vendors, your community, your charitable partners, your investors….but where do you begin, what could this look like, and how do you make it happen. With our years of experience and project involvement, we love putting together opportunities for you to review and decide what really resonates for your business.

3. Planning and execution of community engagement activities

It’s one thing to come up with a whole list of ideas, but how do you make it happen? Some businesses may have an internal team with the capacity to put the ideas into action, but many do not. That’s when you need to find a trusted partner with expertise in the area, and that’s where we come in! Helping organizations make purpose and engagement magic happen is what we love to do.

4. Assist with community partnerships & sponsorships

Many businesses are approached by charities and community organizations for a variety of partnerships or sponsorship opportunities. The evaluation of the opportunities and the communication and execution is a time-consuming piece of the puzzle. As your P&E partner, we can handle these inquiries, evaluate the partnership or sponsorship, handle all the communication and ensure deliverables on both sides are met. We can even attend events on your behalf, as a representative of your organization.

5. Gifting & Appreciation

Staff gifting, client gifting, team building, dinners, holiday parties, birthdays…the list goes on. If this is an area you need to step up in overall and also need help managing we’ve got you covered. We work with our clients to develop plans and strategies in all of these areas to ensure you’re showing the love to those who matter most!

We believe that most companies want to give back and want to do good, that they believe that purpose and profit don’t have to be opposite ends of the spectrum, and when we understand how these two parts of our business can work together great things can happen!


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