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3 Ways Attendees Can Impact Event Success

One of the wonderful things about being an event attendee is you can just show up and enjoy, right? While this is absolutely true, we thought we’d share with you some simple, yet impactful, ways that you can influence the success of an event….and trust us the hosts and planners will LOVE you for it!

1. Share, Share, Share

If the event you’re attending is open to the public, share that you’re going with everyone you know! With social media this is super easy, share it to your stories or in your feed, let people know what you’re up to and help the event increase its visibility and reach new markets and people. Ticket sales are often one of the most challenging and stressful parts of putting on an event, so any help in spreading the word is welcome!

We also love it when you share during the event! Tag speakers, sponsors, vendors, organizers, and hosts. It helps create a buzz and increase brand awareness for everyone involved in the event.

2. Be Engaged

While you’re at the event, be engaged in the program, with the activations, and with other guests. Ask questions when the opportunity arises, clap, laugh, and make eye contact. All of these actions make a difference to the person presenting at an event. If there are booths, vendors, or sponsors set up, visit them, have conversations, and learn about what they do. A conversation doesn’t mean you have to buy, but it does make a difference in the overall experience for them, and you never know who you might meet or connect with!

3. Feedback

Don’t be afraid to share your feedback! If a post-event survey comes out take a few minutes to complete it, or send an email if something stood out to you, good or bad! As much as planners and hosts love positive feedback, constructive feedback is always welcomed and necessary so we can improve. Just make sure your constructive feedback is something that can actually be improved and is in control of the event planners.

Perspective is always a valuable insight, one that we are appreciative of as event planners. We love to plan events, but also love the attendee perspective, whether it's when we're guests at an event or from our attendees. It always feels different from the other side, but isn't that true in most situations in life?


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