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We’re Buzzing with News!

2022 was a year of growth for us. Our client roster has grown, our service offerings have grown, and our team has grown too! As anybody who has ever experienced this would know, with growth comes change. For months we’ve been reflecting on who we are and how we can best present that to our clients and community. We knew that change was inevitable and in late 2022 we decided what that change would be. If you’re reading this, then our guess is you already know what it is!

Drumroll please! We’re so excited to officially announce our decision to consolidate our services under one name, Bee Together - Events, Design, & Rentals. That’s right - The Virtual Effect, Elevate by TVE, and Bee Together Event Rentals have united to become one. Under one name, we are able to give our clients a holistic view of all of our services, which include Event Planning, our newly added Decor and Design services, Event Rentals, Purpose and Engagement, and Elevate - our nonprofit speaker and workshop event series.

Our choice to be called Bee Together and our use of bees as a visual element as a primary symbol of our brand is a metaphorical representation of what we're all about. Bees, as a species, represent teamwork, collective consciousness, and togetherness. We are a small team with a big passion for serving our community. Our mission is to celebrate togetherness, and we will continue to do so with each event we design, Purpose and Engagement strategy we create, and Elevate event we host.

This change is big, we know. Afterall, we are merging three entities with their own identities and purpose into one! However, despite all these big changes, rest assured that our values, mission, vision, purpose, services, and the people behind the scenes that you already know (and love) are the same. We are still the same heart-centered organization but now you can find us all in one place!

We want to thank the wonderful clients and community that we’ve cultivated over the years. Thank you for your support of every piece of who we’ve been separately as The Virtual Effect, Elevate, and Bee Together Event Rentals. We’re beyond grateful, and we know that by operating under one umbrella, who we are as Bee Together will bring you so much more than ever before.

Chat soon!

The NEW Bee Together team

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