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Thank You, 2023

Taking stock of the past year has brought us a lot of joy. It dawned on us that we’ve all gotten so caught up in the now and the next, that we haven’t made time to relax and reflect. As we look back on 2023, we find ourselves feeling incredibly grateful for the opportunities we had, the connections we made, and the lessons we learned. Come along as we revisit the highlights of this fantastic year in this post!

Early in the year we took advantage of the quiet season and were able to participate in the Alberta Women Entrepreneurs Bold Leadership program to improve our processes and build digital leadership. This was an eye-opening and insightful experience and we gained some very valuable lessons and tools to help us streamline our processes to be more efficient so that we can focus on what we love most about our work.

As spring approached we worked on a variety of different events, each unique opportunities to try new things and build stronger networks and communities. From themed Valentine’s Day and Easter events to educational events and leadership celebrations, we were busy making event magic happen - and by busy, we mean BUSY. Throughout the year there were multiple occasions where events just happened to be stacked back to back. Spring was no different. And we should clarify - by back to back, we don’t mean we had two events consecutively - no. We had multiple events consecutively, and with one of those being a multi-day event, we took on 5 event days in a row - TWICE. Was it hectic? Yes. Were we tired? Yes. Did we have an insane amount of fun? Absolutely!

As the summer came near, things slowed down a little bit. We worked on a garden party to raise money for a great cause, a community engagement event to celebrate the season with neighbours, and a rocking concert fundraiser to raise money to help kick cancer’s butt. We also had the chance to have our own little summer vacations in the midst of it all and our team scattered about to Kelowna, Europe, and the East Coast to enjoy the summer sun and time with family and friends.

August hit us with a double dose of golf tournaments, and a couple of community events as well. One of our specialties is golf tournaments so we absolutely loved seeing months of work come alive on two beautiful sunny days. As August began to slip away, autumn brought us events in celebration of small business week, an awards gala celebrating women entrepreneurs, and a pumpkin pick up for Halloween! Autumn was also a great opportunity for us to plan for next year and visualize what we want to see out of 2024, and our rentals picked up making the last few months of this year our busiest rentals season yet!

It’s December now and while winter has been holding off nicely, soon we’ll see a blanket of snow wrap around the city and we’ll bid adieu to the plentiful year with one final holiday event to celebrate the season and bring people together.

Thank you so much to everyone who we’ve worked with, from clients to vendors, and to everyone who supports us in real life or online by interacting with us and reading blog posts like this. With more than 35 events and plenty of rentals, we are grateful for the year we’ve had and we can’t wait to see how 2024 plays out. We've got exciting things planned and we can't wait to tell our community all about it. Stay tuned!

Wishing you all an enjoyable holiday season surrounded by love and friendship!


The Bee Together Team


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