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So You Want to Host a Golf Tournament: Our Tips to To Craft a Hole-in-One Experience

If there is one type of event that is always on our summer calendar in the Bee Together world, it’s golf tournaments. Each year when August rolls around you’ll most likely find us on the course marrying the thrill of the game with our flair for organization and design. In fact, we’re heading to the greens twice this month to tee off for two different tournaments! Of course, we’re not going to be playing, but you know what we mean.

While golf tournaments offer tons of fun, hosting an impressive one requires considerable effort. From securing sponsorships to planning engaging hole activities, creating a memorable event often demands the expertise of experienced individuals with a keen eye for detail (hint: that's us!). To help you on your journey, here are our top tips for hosting a successful golf tournament.

Customization & Organization

  • It’s important to set your tournament apart from the hundreds of others out there. This is why you want to customize it with things like swag bags with branded items and custom activities throughout the course that relate back to the work that your organization does. You also want your tournament to be well-organized. Teams need to be made prior to tournament day, timing needs to be thought out to ensure players aren’t standing around too much, dietary restrictions need to be noted, and more! Trust us, a highly-organized event has the potential to stand out all on its own so be sure to think ahead and prioritize organization.

Meaningful Sponsorship Opportunities

  • When you put your call out for sponsors, make sure you’re offering meaningful opportunities to sponsors that give them exposure and opportunities to engage with the players, ensuring the opportunities sets up space for a fruitful ongoing partnership between your organization and the potential sponsor. Consider verbal recognition as well as signage and other branding opportunities. You can also offer hole sponsors the opportunity to host a game on the holes to engage with players when they aren’t taking swings.

Post-Tournament Celebration

  • A post-tournament celebration that incorporates elements of your organization's culture is a great way to end your tournament on a memorable note. Include things like themed food and drinks, entertainment, and speeches from key members of your organization. You can also give out awards for things you’d expect like longest drive, putting contest winner, chipping award, and the likes. You can also hand out fun awards like a Happy Gilmore Award or the Golf Cart Grand Prix Award. Be creative! Tournaments don’t have to be all business, they can be a touch silly too!

So as you step into the role of a tournament host, let our expertise be your guide. Customize your event with unique touches that reflect your organization's identity, and meticulously plan every detail for a seamless experience. Forge meaningful partnerships with sponsors, offering them opportunities for valuable exposure and engagement. When the final putt drops, be sure to bring your creative spirit to life with a post-tournament celebration that embodies the essence of your organization. With these insights, you have all you need to create a golf tournament that leaves a lasting impression.

P.S. Next year’s golf season will be upon us before you know it. If you need help planning your tournament, now is as good a time as any to reach out to us!


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