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3 Easy-to-Avoid Mistakes People Commonly Make in Event Planning

Event planning is exciting! There are so many possibilities out there to make your event spectacular and memorable. However, in the midst of all the excitement, things can sometimes be overlooked throughout the event planning process. Here are 3 common mistakes people make while planning an event and strategies to ensure they don’t happen to you!

Forgetting about garbages and recycling bins 

When your head is filled with thoughts of musicians, photographers, and decorations, it’s easy for the mundane things - like ensuring your event has garbage and recycling bins (and someone to keep an eye on them) - to be forgotten. This is more of a concern if your event is outdoors or in a venue that doesn’t have its own staffing that would otherwise take care of this. An easy way to ensure this doesn’t get forgotten is to include bins in your rental or portable toilet order as many rentals companies also offer trash and recycling bins to rent!

Not doing research about competing events beforehand

Another simple mistake to avoid - research any events around your preferred date that could interfere with your attendance. This is a mistake you want to avoid if your event is open to the public. For example, you don’t want to host a small local music festival on the same weekend as a huge jamboree!

Too many or too few members on your planning committee

You want to include a variety of diverse perspectives on your committee to ensure your event is well-thought out, however if you have a committee too large for the size of your event, planning can be hindered by the time it takes to meet and for each person to offer their opinion. However, you don’t want your committee to be too small either. A good rule of thumb is to include someone who will make the final decisions, someone who is experienced in event planning to handle catering, venue, etc., someone who can handle logistics, and finally, someone who can manage event volunteers if required.  

By planning ahead or working with a skilled event planner, you can avoid many hassles. But remember that mistakes are part of the process, so don't get stuck on them if something unexpected happens. Staying positive and flexible will help you laugh off any mistakes and learn for next time!


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