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3 Businesses Giving Back

You know that we are huge proponents of giving back and helping others do the same (check out our Purpose & Engagement offering), we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some businesses that we love who are giving back in meaningful and creative ways!

1. Jacek Chocolate

Jacek Chocolate is a creative chocolaterie in Sherwood Park. They launch seasonal chocolate collections and also have signature collections made year-round.

JACEK Chocolate started back in 2009 as a home-based business in Sherwood Park, Alberta with “big dreams of helping transform the chocolate industry.” They took a unique approach to chocolate, they brought together chocolate and fashion, by way of which they launch seasonal chocolate collections, so there is always something fresh and new available in addition to their staple menu of JACEK faves! The founder, Jacqueline Jacek, is a very special individual with a keen eye and palate, and a heart of gold!

JACEK is a company that lives out its values through giving back. In 2013, they learned about Bulembu, an abandoned mining town purchased by a team of social developers and entrepreneurs with a vision to restore it to a fully sustainable place to provide care to orphaned and vulnerable children. Over the last 8 years, JACEK has raised over $48,000 to support Bulembu through the sale of chocolate, some of the projects they’ve helped to fund include the renovation of a caregiver house, development, irrigation, and fencing of a 2-hectare vegetable garden to feed the community, the transportation of a container of much-needed goods, a new pair of school shoes for each of the children in town, updated school books for all grades, a scholarship, and purchase of solar street lights for the childcare sites.

To read more about all that they have helped Bulembu accomplish, click here

2. Hillberg & Berk

Hillberg & Berk was founded by Rachel Mielke in 2007, it has grown from an idea developed at a kitchen table in Saskatchewan to a globally recognized and respected jewellery brand. The company firmly believes that when a woman rises, we all rise and that the most powerful thing a woman can be is herself.

Every year they select a variety of partners, at national, provincial, and city levels and support them through their 3% for Women initiative through which they commit a minimum of 3% of their profits per year to women’s causes. To date, they have donated over $2 million in cash contributions to initiatives empowering women and over $8 million in products donated to bring Sparkle around the world.

To read more about how they give back, click here

3. Caffiend

Caffiend Coffee, whose mantra is Eat, Drink, Be Kind, is an Edmonton-based coffee shop that delivers a full menu of delicious drinks and food, as well as giving back to the community every chance they get. The founders, Jennifer and Allen Oleksyn, opened back in 2019 and have proven themselves to be community champions so many times. One initiative they have is with their in-house baked dog treats. Every month they select a new local charity and all proceeds from the sale of dog treats go to the charity. Not only do they raise money for well-deserving organizations each month, they also help bring awareness to the important work being done!

To learn more about Caffiend, head to their Instagram page here.

We hope reading about the initiatives these businesses have created inspires you to give back to a cause or organization that matters to you. If you’d like some help in figuring out the next steps, send us an email and let’s chat!


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