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The Hope Campaign

2021 Campaign

Every November The Hope Campaign supports one local non-profit organization or charity that is doing meaningful work in our community and is making a significant difference in the lives of others. In 2021, The Hope Campaign raised $6215 for Kaleo Collective to help fund counselling services for single mothers and children.

Project Scope

  • Campaign theme and messaging creation

  • Budget

  • Sponsor reach outs and management

  • Quote sourcing

  • Campaign strategy and elements (create and execute)

  • Social media strategy and content creation

  • Relationship management with campaign charity recipient

  • Creation of media package

  • Post campaign reporting

  • Project management

"My experience working with Jocelyn and Rebecca on our annual Hope Campaign fundraiser at The Grief and Trauma Healing Centre was a truly wonderful and meaningful experience. It was so important to me that the campaign development and execution truly reflected our mission and vision for the fundraiser and brought awareness to the beautiful charity we were supporting this year. They were attentive, creative, and thoughtful about every detail of the campaign to ensure that I felt heard and that our vision was brought to life. They were also incredibly patient and generous in their time and commitment to supporting the campaign and brought so much awareness to it through their own network and Elevate event. I appreciated how much heart they poured into ensuring our campaign was a success! With their help, we raised over $6200 for the chosen charity (our goal was $5000)! I look forward to continuing our relationship with [Bee Together] and planning for next year’s Hope Campaign! I highly recommend this powerhouse team to support your next event!"

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